About Us

Welcome to iGamingContent.co.uk

We specialise in producing content for the iGaming industry. Our Lead Writers are both highly experienced in a variety of roles within the remote gambling sector and have been professional writers for over a decade. One of our Lead Writers has a Masters Degree in English Language and English Literature highlighting the quality of our writing credentials. 

Who Are We?

We are a small team of highly qualified and experienced, professional gambling writers. 

Our Mission

To deliver the iGaming Content that you need to build traffic whilst boosting the authority of your brand.

What We Do

Our Unique Experience


As Players

We played professionally for a number of years, both on and offline, engaging with a multitude of games and opportunities.


As Affiliates

We founded and developed a widely recognised affiliate brand that led the industry in terms of integrity and quality information.


As Philanthropists

We founded and continue to serve as trustees for a well recognised responsible gambling charity that supports thousands of vulnerable players every day.


As Dispute Mediators

Our team founded and ran the only affiliate based ADR service to be approved by any regulator. One of our lead writers is a member of CIArb – the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. They have managed over 6.5k complaints and returned over $7.5 million to players.


As Writers

Over the last 12 years our team has created some of the most unique and challenging content in the sector. Including editorials and investigative journalism, quality has always been at the heart of everything we have done.


As People

Few people in the industry can boast of the credentials of our team. One lead writer has an MA in English Language and Literature; the other a BSc in Mathematics. Let us use our unique skill sets to help create the kind of quality, authoritative content that will build your business. 

Why Choose Us?

With an array of services out there claiming to be able to service your iGaming content needs, why choose iGamingContent.co.uk?

There is no substitute for experience and our Lead Content Writers have unique qualifications and skill sets that will ensure that we can deliver high quality, authoritative articles to build your brand.

Looking for more basic content that doesn’t require as much knowledge or qualification to prepare and that may be more cost effective when you are starting out? Our team are constantly working to support and develop junior and intermediate writers. These writers can be accessed at lower costs, but with the assurance that all copy will be reviewed by one of our lead writers before it is delivered.

Looking for in depth knowledge written by a recognised industry expert? Our lead writers can fill this need at a higher price point. 

In a rapidly changing market, it is important that any publication is aware of the rules and regulations governing what can and cannot be said in marketing material. Failure to do so can profoundly damage your business and also result in litigation in some cases.

Our team are very familiar with the relevant regulations that govern iGaming publications and marketing strategies in various markets and will ensure any content we provide is legally compliant.

We understand your goals and objectives and will never take on a job that we do not believe can be delivered to our high professional standards within the time frame agreed.

If we say you will receive your order by a specific date, you can take that as a guarantee.

Our lead writers have built their careers on their reputations for integrity and professionalism. You can count on iGamingContent.co.uk to live up to the high standards that they demand from themselves daily.

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